[Updated 12/3] In the recent past, we have been using papers to relay information for reading. However, by time this form of communication is being outdone by electric forms. People find it better to go paperless by sending documents via electric devices and platforms such as emails and fax. This suggests that there is great need of converting tools. Many will agree that the market is flooded with multiple choices and finding the good PDF to word converter may be somehow difficult. This should not be the case anymore with the help of this review. Here are one of the very few great PDF to word converters that you should be looking out for whenever you are seeing forward to acquire one:

  1. Nuance Power PDF Converter

This I must confess that is the easiest and most precise way to handle all issues PDF converting. Nuance Power PDF Converter has the features that are essential for editing, searching and sharing documents. This is just among the few software that allows users to have full control of their work. I would not say it is the leading converter for small office use and home usage but the top PDF to Word converter. With such features discussed I would not be looking any further for a PDF converter. It is supported on the Windows Operating System.

Features list

  • User can dictate notes as this software captures voices using the “Dragon Notes” voice recognition making typing easy and fast.
  • Supports side by side comparing of documents which highlights any changes in texts and gives a report of the changes that have occurred.
  • Nuance Power PDF converter also performs smart searches by the intelligent “Look alike” search.
  • It allows user to convert any form of document from any device without the help of opening another document.
  • User can add passwords to secure documents courtesy of the 256-bit encryption that is featured providing the best security you would ever think of.
  1. PDF Hero PDF to word Converter


The PDF Hero is one of a kind converter that allows you to merge texts and images into a single file. It exclusively deals with the Mac OS as user tethers Hero to an iPhone to add photos or pictures of your documents to this top software once tethering has been approved. It is simply magical to operate this programme. However something I noted that it does not provide a direct download but user has to follow a given link. One amazing feature is that it is virus free because it has been inbuilt with an anti-virus checker. It is a product of the Nodhead Software.

Features list

  • Converts PDF files into multiple editable documents. It converts PDFs into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, EPUB, TXT, RTF and Open Office ODT and vice versa.
  • It also converts JPG, TIFF, Photoshop PSD, AutoCAD DWG, Web Page, HTML to mention but a few into PDF.
  • It compresses PDF files to ensure that they are conveyed via selective media.
  • The PDF Hero also select texts and extracts from a file page to specifically deal with a certain range.
  • Runs on Mac Operating Systems (Mac OS).
  • Documents are drag in and out for conversion, just as easy as that.


  1. TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

The TalkHelper PDF Converter was released by on the month of May, the year 2018. The few who have tried have been grateful for the services that it offers where converting PDF files into other multiple word formats. With such kind of features it deserves being awarded the title of being the greatest PDF to word converter. Something that caught my eye is its price that goes at a price of 29.95 dollars for the Pro version, which to me is a relatively low cost for premium service. It is programmed to nothing other than quality output. It is supported by the Windows Operating System.

Feature List:

  • TalkHelper has the ability to confirm documents from PDF to formats such as DOCX, DOC, JPG, HTML and also PNG as well.
  • It can also convert multiple pages of a PDF document at a go. This means it supports multi-paged conversion.
  • The User Interface (UI) that comes along with the TalkHelper PDF Converter, is very simple to navigate and use and at the same time appealing. Being simple to use should not be confused to poor quality output as is the only PDF converter that guarantees hi tech interface yet still easy to use.
  • In case of unexpected error or assistance, it has provided a best customer service support feature.
  1. Solid PDF Converter

SolidDocuments pdf_7

The technology used in the software of Solid frameworks has been duplicated to this file reconstruction programme. This is the reason why it is a top notch converting tool as it is licensed by Adobe for Acrobat. Not only that, as it also supports conversion and creation of PDFs from multiple sources. It has been established by the Solid PDF Converter and we all know what kind of software they bring in the market. This makes me feel that it is the best PDF to word converter that deserves to be competing with the top dogs.

Features List

  • Converts Microsoft word DOC/DOCX, rich text formats, excel, PowerPoint, HTML and plain TXT to PDF.
  • Solid PDF tools allows user t extract specific texts from a document file allowing conversion of desired texts, tables or images.
  • Batching is also supported to convert multiple documents at the same time.
  • It detects hyperlinks and has text mark-up recovery.
  • User can edit PDFS by moving pages and adding watermarks.
  • PDFs can be created through adding or dragging and dropping of documents.
  • It optimizes for selective media converted PDF documents can be compressed to a single file.
  1. Icecream PDF Converter


The by far best PDF to word Converter must be the Icecream PDF converter. Reason behind this argument is that, it has a very smart interface that needs no assistance at all to use as it is very direct. This is why users prefer the Icecream PDF Converter to handle all their converting needs because it is easy to be understood by anyone. Its icons just indicate what to do as they are captioned with the task they perform. Here are some of the very best magical features it brings along;

Features List

  • It converts PDF files to multiple formats such as PNG, DOC/DOCX, XLS or JPG amongst other multiples though not into editable formats.
  • Has the ability t convert other documents into the PDF format.
  • It is supported in the following Windows version, 7, 10 and Vista.
  • It offers the user the option to choose in which page layout they would want their work to be converted into, allowing user to choose the area of range to work with.
  • Covers user when he/she needs to make a conversion as they are listed at the bottom of the page. That is when converting to page and the list is impressing.
  1. Nitro PRO PDF Converter


Have you ever tried opening a document from your PC, smartphone or any device and couldn’t read the document since it was not compatible? Worry no more! The Nitro PRO PDF Converter is one of a kind converter that brags of having the ability to not only create but also convert documents into universally compatible PDFs. Isn’t this amazing? If this is not what anyone would want for a top PDF converting software then it would last a long time to find the perfect PDF to word converter as the Nitro PRO PDF Converter. It just has it all.

Feature List

  • Supported in three Windows Operating System versions, that is the 7, 8 and 10.
  • Comes with an interface that resembles that of the Microsoft Word programme.
  • Its toolbar is flexible and allows user to directly add convert PDF files into Word, PowerPoint or Excel.
  • Features the Cloud Storage that allows user to access work from anywhere.
  • It supports conversion of multiple files at a go where they are shown from separate tabs where if user decides can work on them individually.
  • Other great features is that it allows merging using the “Combine and create” feature and has been input with over 12 languages.
  1. UniPDF PDF to Word Converter


Having a document formatted in PDF is the best way you could document your files. However, there are some special occasions where the files are needed in other formats. Most people dread the task of converting PDF files into other formats. This should not be the case at all as the top PDF to word converter, the UniPDF converter has it sorted. It is quick and efficient in file converting. This is ensured by not being choppy at all by yielding the best quality output. Original designs are maintained, changes is observed in the organisation of work.

Features List

  • PDF to Word is most probably the one feature that everyone is enquiring about and yes it converts PDF files to Word. Other formats include Text, Image and HTML.
  • The feature that cannot go unrecognised is the ability to convert images smoothly at a pristine quality. Actually not the clarity or the sharpness is changed. Good image formats that are converted into include JPG, PNG and GIF.
  • Supports batching as well as individual conversion. This processes are completed within a fraction of a time without laboured delays.
  • The software runs on Windows Vista, XP, 10,8 and 7.
  • Supports almost all major languages.
  1. Soda PDF Converter

Soda PDF Converter_8

It is true that most of us are quite busy in documenting and we may forget to edit essential texts or even the need of using a converter arises and cannot access one because they are installed on our PCs. It is ideal just for use anywhere. I would say it is the proficient PDF to Word converter credits being given to the ability to performing tasks in a very short time saving you time and effort. It is a revolutionary converter as it comes with two versions that is the desktop and online version.

Features List

  • It converts PDF files into the following formats; MS Office Word, HTML, TXT, RTF, Image and PDF/A.
  • For official letters it user can add footers and headers as well as copyright watermarks.
  • With the use OCR a user can turn the scanned images into good editable docs.
  • To protect documents you can set 256-bit AES encryption level passwords.
  • To hide information or remove sensitive information user can use whiteouts and redaction.
  • Supports batching which saves time when creating and converting PDFs.
  • The Soda PDF Converter supports preparing, sending and collecting signatures directly through E-signs.
  • With the side by side view using the synchronous scrolling option allows one to work on several documents at a go.


  1. Adobe PDF To Word Converter

Adobe PDF converter_8

Adobe PDF Converter is not a new good converter in the game and almost everyone knows of its existence in the market and the service it offers. The software speaks for itself from the output it yields. The experience of using this is just a privilege that’s why it is internationally recognised as the best PDF to Word Converter. The converter however because of being established takes advantage of this and applies additional fees or subscriptions. Some let down comes by the fact it may not be available in certain countries. However here are some features it boasts of.

Features List

  • User does not have to copy the whole document if it is only some piece of information needed from a text. This is because he or she can copy and paste the highlighted parts directly to a Word document.
  • With the Adobe PDF Converter there are no unnecessary cycles of adjusting texts as once scanned it converts to Word even the complex documents but still maintain the original formats.
  • It allows to easily update your work that has been converted from PDF to Word format in very good way. In the process of conversion it keeps the fonts and layouts including bullets, columns and tables.


  1. Nemo PDF to Word Converter

Nemo PDF to word converter_7

There is no challenge that is posed to someone who wants to convert or edit PDF files and at the moment he or she has a text processor as the only tool which we all know has no PDF support. The mammoth task of converting PDF files into other formats wouldn’t be made easier other than using the very flawless good PDF to Word converter in the market, the Nemo PDF to Word Converter. When we closely focus on its features you will bear me witness that it should have by long time outdone the top dogs of converting.

Features List

  • It converts PDF files into editable DOC and RTF formats. However it should be noted that it does not convert of the latest Microsoft Word format, DOCX, which is not good.
  • It feature a menu setting that offers options to do away with images or choose the spacing when converting.
  • It runs on the following Operating Systems; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000.
  • Its only input language is language.
  • It has a simple tool to use as everything in the interface is labelled on what it does.
  • Allows you to pick the format in which you would want the files converted into.



From the breakdown you will deduce that this are the very great PDF to Word converters broken down for you. There should be no more challenges in choosing the software that laces your shoes perfectly!